Privacy Notice


This Personal Data Protection Notice describes how Persatuan Alumni STAR 2000 (“Persatuan”) uses your personal data. For the purpose of this written notice, the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the meaning prescribed in the PDPA.

  1. This written notice serves to inform you that your personal data is being processed by or on behalf of the Persatuan.
  1. The personal data processed by the Persatuan may include your name, national registration identity card no. (NRIC no.), contact number, address, email address, designation, company name, and all other details provided by you in the documents as prescribed in paragraph 4 of this notice.
  1. The Persatuan are processing your personal data, including any additional information you may subsequently provide, for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

a.  administer and maintaining the registration records for purposes of access and participation in OBW2020 events, programmes, services and the related activities;
b.  provide you with information and/or latest updates on OBW2020 and the related activities;
c.  invite your participation in events and activities;
d.  communications and logistics purposes for commercial transactions between you and the Persatuan;
e.  respond to all your queries and emails.

  1. Your personal data is and will be collected from you and/or from the information you have provided in the Registration Form through the website, manual registration forms, provision of data through Persatuan’s authorised persons, your emails and all forms associated with participation in activities, programmes and events including the programme registration forms.
  1. You may access and request for correction of your personal data by contacting the Persatuan with any enquiries or complaints in respect of your personal data to the Secretary of the Persatuan as follows:
Mailing address:
No. 10, Jalan Kuning Padi U9/43B,
Cahaya Heights, 40150 Shah Alam Selangor.

  1. In accordance with the PDPA, the Persatuan:

a.  may charge a prescribed fee for processing your request for access or correction of your personal data; or
b.  may refuse to comply with your request for access or correction to your personal data and if the Persatuan refuse to comply with such request, the Persatuan will inform you of our refusal and reason for our refusal.

  1. Your personal data may be disclosed to parties such as but not limited to banks, auditors, governmental departments and/or agencies, regulatory and/or statutory bodies, business/programme/activity partners, service providers and any such third party requested or authorised by you for any of the above Purposes or any other purpose for which your personal data was to be disclosed at the time of its collection or any other purpose directly related to any of the above Purposes.
  1. If you fail to supply to the Persatuan the personal data as may be required in the documents above, the Persatuan may not be able to process your personal data for any of the above Purposes.
  1. The Persatuan will endeavour to ensure that your personal data will not be transferred to a place outside Malaysia.
  1. You are responsible for ensuring that the personal data you provide the Persatuan is accurate, complete and not misleading and that such personal data is kept up to date.
  1. Your continued usage of all forms associated with activities, programme and events of the Persatuan (including the programme registration forms) is deemed consent for the Persatuan to collect, process and store the data in accordance with the above.

(End of Notice)